A little bit about the blog …

Recently you may have noticed that there’s fewer posts here. Why? Well, it’s simply that I am now close to finishing the first draft of the novel and, as a result, all my energy has been going into that rather than my short stories.

Which isn’t to say they’ve been neglected. I have just this month (October) released the second short story collection, Sex and the Single Cosmonaut, details of which you can find here. I’m pretty proud of this one, I feel my writing’s matured and I am starting to understand the craft of writing a little better. But of course I’m biased, it’s up to you the reader to judge so I’d encourage you to buy it and let me know what you think or, better yet, post a review either where you bought it or over on Goodreads.

Just a bit about this blog. It’s not a real blog in the broad sense, I won’t be posting each day on things that matter to me but don’t matter to anyone else. This is solely here as an outlet for my science fiction, as a hobby not a money earner or soap-box.

Once, maybe, I had ideas that I could be a full time writer but that’s not the way things turned out; so I make my bread and butter from something else and write to please myself and, if along the way it pleases someone else, all the better.

In the three years since I started to write more regularly things have progressed. More frequently online webzines are accepting my short and flash fiction, and I’ve broadened my writing styles and interest, although still within science fiction as a broad genre.

Perhaps more interestingly – or worryingly, depending on your outlook – I now find myself working away on my first novel that could be published in 2020 if things keep chugging along. Is it a science fiction work? Yes, absolutely. Does it involve destroying planets, marauding aliens, death and destruction? No, not at all. And somewhere down the line one day I’ll tell you why.

I’m still going to try to update this once a month, to get at least one story up that frequently. But life intervenes, so I don’t really know. Please don’t be too upset if everything is silent for ages or if a heap spurts out in a week. It’s all linked in to how I write (or don’t write).

Finally, I’m still learning. I’d love to get your comments and hear what you think.

And to those of you who have followed this blog a sincere and heartfelt thank you. You don’t know just how encouraging that simple act can be.

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