A little bit about the blog …

… and now it’s looking like Christmas …

As you know, since September I’ve been working hard with Temple Dark Books to bring my debut science fiction novel, Sha’Kert: End of Night, up to publication standard and now, after two months its ready to go – final edits, cover art, video preview, the works. It’s real, it exists, and if you could pardon me stealing from Mary Shelley, it lives!

20201113__Cover_TDB__003Sha’Kert’s due for publication in March 2021, and between now and then there’s a swathe of work left to do, getting it out to reviewers and waiting for responses, building awareness, all the thousand and one things that need doing that I know so little of. It’s fantastic working with Temple Dark Books, having someone who knows what needs to be done, how to do it, and who works as a partner.

You can find more details of Sha’Kert and where to pre-order your copy over at Temple Dark Books here. Or, if you like, there’s a page here on my site you can browse for the links.

While you’re over at the Temple Dark website, make sure you have a look at the forthcoming 2021 releases for Ronald A. Geobey  and Daniel Wade. Talented and enthralling writing from them both, covering historical fiction and epic space opera / fantasy.

And don’t forget to have a look at the cover art development processes for The Gods of Kiranis and Sha’Kert while you’re there.

Both of my short story collections, Hawking Radiation and Sex and the Single Cosmonaut, are still out there for you. Perhaps, after March 2021, there will be more.

I’m still over the moon, still unbelievably happy; a debut novel, first submission, and fantastic support from a great publisher as part of an amazing group of writers. I’m only too aware many people wait a lifetime for this, and I remain both humbled and overjoyed.

As always, to those of you who have followed this blog, a sincere and heartfelt thank you. You don’t know just how encouraging that simple act can be.