A little bit about the blog …

Here we are in July, a different world or is it the same one but with a different covering? Who knows, but there are a few constants.

Like my novel. Today, 5th July, I’m deep into editing the fifth draft after having received a block of β-reader feedback (and if you’re looking for good, professional beta-readers you can’t go past Charlotte Kane at Charmz Edits or Samone Johnson over on Fiverr). Hopefully in about a month or two I can start putting a sections here to let you see how it is progressing. It’s still on track for release later this year, so stay tuned.

Which isn’t to say my short stories have been neglected. In October 2019 I released my second short story collection, Sex and the Single Cosmonaut, details of which you can find here. I’m pretty proud of this one, I feel my writing’s matured and I am starting to understand the craft of writing a little better. But of course I’m biased, it’s up to you the reader to judge so I’d encourage you to buy it and let me know what you think or, better yet, post a review either where you bought it or over on Goodreads.

And always, to those of you who have followed this blog, a sincere and heartfelt thank you. You don’t know just how encouraging that simple act can be.