A Bird In The Hand

It is after all, I must admit, entirely of my own doing, yet I somehow feel cheated out of what I was thinking would have most certainly been a bright future. All of what had transpired had occurred because I had recognised my own inability to do what I thought was both deserved and necessary. […]


He had travelled a long way in space and time, searching for answers to questions which remained for the most part elusive; to those which he had found some reply the passage of both time and distance had long since swept their meaning from him.   His humanity had been subsumed and sustained by the technology […]

The Leaving

So that was it. Plain. Simple. Easy as you like. Standing in the hallway, bag clasped in each hand, wearing the jeans and boots I’d bought for her 25th, smile on her face. ‘I’m going. Goodbye.’ ‘That’s it?’ Five years together and she’s there like Mary Poppins grinning and looking down at me. At least […]