(Another older one, 2004 I think) 21st November. A free day, so we shifted over to Maartax V to the quest finals. Not impressed, the rules suck thanks to the latest Equal Opportunity Act. These contests started on Earth, I think only humans and near humans should be allowed. Dad says the rot had obviously […]

My Brothers Keeper

(An old one from 1998) How, I asked as the shuttle docked with the ship some 200 kilometers above the Pacific ocean, could such a great year go to hell in a handbasket so quick? Finally posted to the suddenly relevant United Nations (a fact no doubt enhanced by its control over the remaining Sino/Soviet/American […]


(For Bunney) The taxi pulled up outside the old city and disgorged the five of us. After pressing a few bills into the driver’s hands we walked quickly through the archway into the maze of alleys and streets inside. It was to be our last liberty before the off, and I knew that the other […]