The Machine in the Ghost

‘Oh not again!’ Peter gasped looking around the music room which again had been tampered with. Neatly stacked sheet music was now haphazardly arranged, guitar cases open, the amp on and practice headphones plugged in. Stooping he picked up his Strat, plugged it into the amp confirming the tuning had been shifted down a half […]

Love Lost’s Price

‘No stop, please! You can’t do this!’ she screamed, struggling futilely against the chains that held her fast, ‘Please!’ I leant closer to her, to that face once a thing of beauty now repulsed, to the body once cherished now hated, to her, my only, my beloved now polluted, never to be. My tears scorching […]

The Letter

Dear David I hope that this letter does not surprise you too much, it will have been many years although I am sure your mother has told you all about me. Even though most of it would be wrong, some things she says may be right, perhaps in spite of the bearer. Be that as […]