Sitting. Waiting. Solitude. Encased, locked, released only by my hand, mine and only mine. Once perfect now scarred, scratched, dented. Used – and at times – abused. Her worn exterior speaks of bond and lasting beauty. Cold, wooden, lifeless at first. Slowly warming under my hand, flowing, stretching. In fading light through darkness, dying night […]


She pruned roses with a chainsaw grows back fuller, better learned it from an old man   You’re nuts andrew she said she smiles bet you make plastic planes, read sci-fi   Yeah sharne you don’t belong constrained ex-army all that drive, creativity shackled     He sold spots in phone books now to PNG […]

The Question Unasked

She sits eyes downcast, staring unmoving beneath school ribboned hat. Daily passing I look out, she looks down. Between us no words, no glance. Her eyes capture me. Huge moistened orbs in circles dark. Old. Stilled. Too pained for youth, the world whispers of years and fears coming, eroding belief and energy until it alone […]