Second Man

“Might as well.” Ukko turned. “If you like. What is it?” Akka brushed one gloved hand over the engraved panel sending away a gray mist. “Apollo 11 landing site, 1969.” He looked down from the perspex platform to the descent stage then up to the ascent stage. “I don’t like that.” “Why?” “Well all this … Continue reading Second Man


“A thousand bucks.” Dave knows his marks. Ratface doesn’t flinch. “Cash?” “Always.” “Done deal. How long?” “Two hours.” Dave turns to me as ratface walks away. “Go get started, I’ll back the truck up.”   I do a quick inventory, the bedsit isn’t big but it's worth more. So much for respecting the elderly. A … Continue reading Recall


Abbot Johannes gazed at the twenty-four professed gathered before him, the bitter chill of early February penetrating the bare stone chapel. The taking of vows, the final irrevocable admission of a brother to the community was solemn, a time of thanks. This one was unique, a loss-tinged joy. Having remained prostrated, naked in penitential reverence … Continue reading Vocation


It was a typical departure lounge, exceedingly cold, bare, entirely antiseptic. Two chairs, two doors, two beings. An appropriate point to leave one life for another. He looked up. “Even so we must go through the formalities. You are aware of the choice?” “Yes. Pain, misunderstanding, isolation and struggle for the chance of genius, creativity, … Continue reading Darkstar

Under Their Nose

T – 00:00:05:00 P.A. “Five.” 696e:6f77::616d. 01000111.01001111.01001111.01000100 MisOpSys. “System’s good.” Consul01. 01001111.01001011.01000111.01001111 T – 00:00:04:00 P.A. “Four.” 696e:6f77::616d. 01010111 01001000 01000001 01010100 01010100 01001000 01000101 01000110 01010101 01000011 01001011 01010111 01001000 41 01010100 01010100 01001000 01000101 01000110 55 01000011 01001011 01010111 01001000 A 54 01010100 01001000 01000101 46 U 01000011 01001011 01010111 48 A T … Continue reading Under Their Nose