Lower the curtain on life Open the door to memory not unchanging, but over the years to whiter purity Time bleaches out hate, the bad the ordinary   From arms embracing to embrace of pine Loves enfolding never leaves even as you slipped from our grip   Enter stage right Exit stage left No audience, … Continue reading Bobbie


It was a typical departure lounge, exceedingly cold, bare, entirely antiseptic. Two chairs, two doors, two beings. An appropriate point to leave one life for another. He looked up. “Even so we must go through the formalities. You are aware of the choice?” “Yes. Pain, misunderstanding, isolation and struggle for the chance of genius, creativity, … Continue reading Darkstar


It was a good landing, smooth and boring. Gordon released the hatch and stepped out, getting his first real view of the surface. Just as advertised, featureless and barren, an unbroken series of low mounds and shallow valleys carved in yellow-brown sand and rock. No buildings, no sign of any human habitation save the fused … Continue reading Sliver