Wood For The Trees

Daniela glared at the machinery. “Shut it down Ted.” “It’s over?” “That’s science, sometimes right, sometimes wrong. Shame it took thirty-nine years.” “What now?” “Scrap the lot.”   Empty freeway, Chicago’s lights fading behind. Four billion people will never know I’ve tried. She turned the radio up, headlights swaying with Benny Goodman. I need a … Continue reading Wood For The Trees


“A thousand bucks.” Dave knows his marks. Ratface doesn’t flinch. “Cash?” “Always.” “Done deal. How long?” “Two hours.” Dave turns to me as ratface walks away. “Go get started, I’ll back the truck up.”   I do a quick inventory, the bedsit isn’t big but it's worth more. So much for respecting the elderly. A … Continue reading Recall


“Ticket 438 room one.” The P.A. floundered under the noise of the packed reception area. Sergeant Pat Blanchfield took the flimsy, pushed through the swing doors into the corridor. Five weeks until he called an end to a thirty year career and Captain Yasui had tied him to the front desk with six inches of … Continue reading Ahab


It was a good landing, smooth and boring. Gordon released the hatch and stepped out, getting his first real view of the surface. Just as advertised, featureless and barren, an unbroken series of low mounds and shallow valleys carved in yellow-brown sand and rock. No buildings, no sign of any human habitation save the fused … Continue reading Sliver